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Can I Still Get The Green Card If I Was Selected In The Lottery Almost Two Months Ago?


Rate this post At USAFIS, we are often asked about the Green Card Lottery process. This process has certain time requirements that must be followed in order to have a successful immigration process into the United States. If you won the Green Card Lottery almost two months ago, you have until September 30 of the following year to complete the immigration process to the United States. This status can be checked starting in May. It is important to remember that immigration to the United States is very competitive, as there are only 50,000 people out of 100,000 Green Card Lottery winners that will be authorized to move to the United States each year. Due to the nature of this process, it is important that you don’t delay because there are so many people whose names were chosen in the Lottery. Here at USAFIS, we work with U.S. immigration attorneys to…

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Francois Zantingh Testimonial USAFIS

Francois Zantingh Testimonial USAFIS 5 (100%) 1 vote Francois Zantingh won the Green Card Lottery at 2016, and here is his experience with USAFIS –  “Having registered in 2006, finally got a call in 2016 that I won the lottery. USAFIS helped me out in providing me the right information to further complete my application and are persistent in making sure I follow up to”.

Professionalism of USAFIS, Testimonials

Khalil Ibrahim Salam Testimonial USAFIS

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Rate this post Khalil was lately announced to be one of the happy winners of the Green Card Lottery. Now he is starting to plan his new life in America. “This is to confirm that USAFIS has handeld my file related to the program of “live and work in USA” in very professinal way has continouusly updating its status till it materialized into a winning file. Many thanks to USAFIS and the team whom led my file to become a successful status.”

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Is It Recommended to Apply for a Green Card by Yourself?


Rate this post Millions of people apply for the Green Card Lottery on their own for free every year, yet, many of them make mistakes which disqualify them from participating in this US immigration program. There are strict rules for the US Green Card Lottery, also known as the Diversity Visa (DV) Lottery, which must be followed correctly in order to participate and have the best chance of continuing the US immigration procedure if selected as a winner. Therefore, it is recommended to receive assistance from an organization like USAFIS, which has over 15 years of experience helping clients successfully apply for the Green Card Lottery. Since 2001, more than 40,000 USAFIS clients have been selected as winners of the Green Card Lottery and given the opportunity for immigration to the USA. The experts at USAFIS know exactly what information is required for Green Card Lottery applications and make it…