Immigrant from India Creates Clothing and Jobs in America

It’s a known fact that most clothes (97%) and most shoes (98%) sold in the United States are outsourced for manufacturing. So, when India-born Suuchi Ramesh moved to the U.S. about ten years ago to work in the technology field, she assumed she would buy clothes off the racks like other Americans did. Due to her small frame, however, she had a great deal of difficulty finding clothes that she liked. She realized that if she was having this problem, other people probably were having the same issues.

Many foreign nationals work with USAFIS, an immigration service, for assistance on moving to the United States to find new work opportunities and start new lives. While Ramesh saw the challenge before her, she opened her new business, Suuchi, Inc., knowing that it would be a challenge, but also knowing that it would be worth the effort.

The company did take off, and Ramesh is proud to be an American because she has had the opportunity to become a successful entrepreneur. Expenses are about 20% more when manufacturing clothing in the U.S., but for Ramesh, it’s worth it to produce clothes that are of high-quality.

All of Ramesh’s clothing line has the words “Made in USA” added because Ramesh believes that it’s easier to make clothes in the United States due to the flexibility and speed that are available. You can contact USAFIS to learn if you qualify for immigration to America.