One Out of Six Healthcare Workers in America Are Immigrants

An Indian immigrant, Archana Chatterjee, ventured to the U.S., leaving her home country thirty years ago to pursue her medical training. She missed her own mother’s funeral to care for communities far away from her own. Chatterjee, a pediatric infectious disease specialist in South Dakota, is one of three in the state. The other two specialists are from Argentina and Columbia. USAFIS can assist you and your family in applying for the Green Card Lottery. It is the fastest way to obtain the required visa to live and work in the U.S.

New research shows one out of six medical professionals are immigrants.

Just as in South Dakota, physicians from all around the globe are serving people in the U.S. New research shows one out of six medical professionals are immigrants. They fill health care jobs in underserved or rural communities, and places that have a more difficult time attracting U.S. born medical college graduates. From a sample of over 164,000 health care professionals, 4.6 percent were not U.S. citizens, and 16.6 percent were not born in the U.S. In America, the aging population and estimated rise in chronic illnesses are projected to strain the health care system in the coming years, without an increase in trained workers to fill the job openings. Pushed by these needs, the health care industry employment is predicted to increase by2.4 million jobs or 18 percent, in the next eight years. If you and your family are looking for job opportunities, moving to the U.S. could be the right move for you. Contact USAFIS for help with the U.S. immigration process. They can walk you through every step. Contact them today!