Survey Finds Americans Confident About Economy

Consumers will likely be spending more in upcoming months according to a recent report by the New York Federal Reserve. Consumers also expressed the view that they will likely be able to find jobs and that it is less likely that they will lose their jobs.

The strong U.S. labor market resulted in nearly 35% of the 1,300 heads of households who were surveyed to say that they are much better off financially than they were one year ago. If you are a foreign national, you can contact USAFIS for information on how to fill out your application and other documents to move to the United States to work and live.

The American government has predicted that the economy will bring in more jobs. Household expectancies for inflation dropped a bit (from 2.6% to 2.5%), but it is predicted that the number will increase to nearly 3% over the next three years. These numbers coincide with predictions from the Fed, so the dip is likely just temporary.

USAFIS reports, “The future of the American economy is currently very strong, making it a great time for foreign nationals to being their visa application process.”

The report from the NY Federal Reserve also verified that consumer spending would remain strong. Of the people polled, 50% said that they plan to spend at least 3.3% more in the upcoming year, which is up from the 2.6% predicted in May.

There was also strong faith shown in the strength of the labor market and a 0.01% drop in confidence regarding the possibility of losing one’s job in the coming year. Interestingly enough, the percentage of probability for finding employment rose to 59.2%, up from 56.7%. Contact USAFIS today for information on the application process so you can begin making plans to get moved to the United States to work, live, study, and raise your family!