USAFIS Is Not a Scam – It is Legit: Main Reasons to Trust Us

It is necessary to be precise and very cautious when you apply for United States immigration through the Diversity Visa (DV) Lottery Program.

usafis logoSadly, there are some foreign immigrants who become associated with an immigration company to later learn that they are working with a scam. USAFIS is not a scam, but they help approximately 250,000 foreign nationals prepare and submit their Green Card Lottery applications yearly.

We are presenting some key reasons that prove that USAFIS is not a fake company, but a legal firm that works to help foreign nationals fill out their applications in order to move to America to work and live. Here are a few of those reasons:

Unlike a scam, UFAFIS presents each client with an official Confirmation Number that is sent from the US State Department after their DV-Lottery application is successfully submitted.

DV-Lottery applicants have 100% guaranteed participation from USAFIS; scam customers, however, do not ever know if they are really participating in the Lottery. Founded in 2001, over 40,000 people were selected as winners of the Green Card Lottery with the help of USAFIS. Scam companies, however, don’t have any real winners of the Lottery.

People who work with USAFIS during the DV-Lottery process receive updates about their applications, along with any changes made in the official policies. Those who are chosen as winners of the DV-Lottery are then contacted immediately by USAFIS.


For over fifteen years, many people have submitted their official Green Card Lottery applications and pictures to USAFIS. fake firms aren’t known for being around for long periods of time.

When you have concerns about your Green Card Lottery application, you will get helpful assistance from the Customer Service representatives at USAFIS. Scam companies, however, do not give good, if any, customer service to those who have paid them

This is why USAFIS legit:

Unlike a fake company, USAFIS clients have various options of ways to make secure payments including American Express, Visa, and MasterCard. They receive a receipt as proof of their purchase, while scam companies do not have legal contracts with these credit card companies.

There are many, many ways to show that USAFIS is nothing like a scam. USAFIS provides complete customer service, payment options, and updates to their customers, as well as being in business for over fifteen years.

You can rely on USAFIS to provide you with immigration services that are safe and lawful in every way.

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