The Best Large Companies for Women to Work in America

General Motors and PepsiCo are paving the way with changes that pay men and women equally for the same work and have higher-paying leadership positions. Paul Tudor Jones runs a nonprofit, Just Capital, tracking how firms in America are creating long-term value instead of concentrating solely on shareholders. To find a job where equality matters, consider applying for the Green Card Lottery. USAFIS can assist you in filling out the application correctly so it doesn’t get rejected.

The results of a study of 875 companies showed that only six of the largest companies in America meet the following criteria: conducted a pay equity analysis, have targets and policies for equal opportunity and diversity, had no controversies around employment discrimination in the last three years, incurred no fines from the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission in the past three years, provides flexible hours and day-care for employee’s children, and has a board of directors with at least 25% women.

General Motors is a top company for women. GM CEO Mary Barra supervised the start of the Women in Action leadership development program. It now consists of 6,700 members, 600 of them men. GM has “boot camps” that educate employees on the flexible work hours and parental leave policies to be sure the employees use the perks. The company invested more than $10 million in STEM education programs for girls in school. Half of the board of directors is composed of women. When thinking about relocating for a job, contact USAFIS for help in applying for the Green Card Lottery.