Technology Jobs in the USA with High Salaries

The best way to negotiate your wage is to be knowledgeable of what others in the same field are making. Comparably, a workplace culture and salary comparison company, collected compensation data from over 100,000 employees at large, mid-size, and small tech companies, both public and private. New data shows you will earn more working at a public tech company instead of a private tech company. The larger the company, the more money you will make. If you are considering relocating for a better job opportunity, contact USAFIS for help with the Green Card Lottery application process. Their goal is to help you live a better life in the U.S.

If you are working at a private tech firm as a senior developer with little funding, you will earn approximately $73,000 annually, while a senior developer working at a public company will make on average $130,000. Although, wherever you work you will make the most wages as a senior product manager or an architect, according to the report by Comparably. As far as location is concerned, San Francisco, California, public companies offers the highest pay. An architect in San Francisco at a public company earns $184,000 compared to $155,000 in Los Angeles. There is a slight gender pay gap between women and men working the same jobs. Although living in the U.S. seems impossible to many, your dream can become a reality with the help of USAFIS. They will walk you through the Green Card Lottery application process.