Here Are the Top States for Women to Live in the USA!

Several metrics were considered when ranking the top states for women to live in the United States. How many women live in poverty, female high school graduation rates, uninsured females, women receiving preventative health care, and the share of females voting in the 2016 presidential election were a few of the factors looked at. Although women make up over half of the population, they are still underrepresented in politics and still face a major pay gap from men.

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In the newest report, WalletHub ranked the best states for women based on how well the region promoted women’s economic and social well-being, along with safety and health. Massachusetts ranked number one in the report. The state boasts of the lowest percentage of women who are uninsured, one of the highest life expectancies for females, and has the lowest female homicide rates. Minnesota, Iowa, Maine, Colorado, Washington DC, Hawaii, Connecticut, Rhode Island, and Vermont round out the top ten best states for women. The southern states dominated the end of the list.

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