Rapidly-Growing Jobs in the USA

The United States is enjoying a time of low unemployment as the economy continues to boom. Forbes.com conducted a survey to learn which jobs in the U.S. are having the fastest rate of growth. The industry that has had the most rapid growth in America is construction labor. Over 150,000 jobs were filled in 2016, making a total of 1.8 million employees. An immigration service such as USAFIS helps foreign nationals with their application process so they can get to the United States to find a new life and great job opportunities.

Another sector that has experienced rapid growth is the personal care aid industry. In 2016, 145,000 jobs were added to this industry, taking the total up to 1.4 million workers. Within the U.S. is a large population of the elderly, and this has created a need for more employees in the field, which is expected to grow by more than 25% between 2014 and 2024. This is 7% more than the average industry growth rate. USAFIS reports, “Foreign nationals who immigrate to the United States are often able to tap into job opportunities in the personal care aid industry because a higher education is not usually needed.”

Other fields in America that are experiencing quick job growth are food preparation workers, registered nurses, software developers, and customer service representatives. Contact USAFIS today to see if you qualify to move the U.S. to live and work.