Where to Find the Most Satisfying Jobs in America

Finding happiness in the workplace is beneficial to your mental and physical health. CareerBliss, career and recruiting website, released its eighth annual report of the happiest places to work in America. These companies are succeeding in a happier culture and positive environment for their employees. USAFIS will help you in applying for the Green Card lottery to the U.S. There are many opportunities to work at a low-stress job.

CareerBliss used data from over 40,0000 independent employee reviews of their company. There were ten key factors to determine workplace happiness: growth opportunities, company culture, people you work with, the person you work for, support you get, rewards you receive, the way you work, CEO rating, work setting, and overall company rating. The reviews are then given a “BlissScore” with one being the least positive and five being the most positive score. USAFIS has a team of experts ready to assist you in the application process for the Green Card lottery.

Blue Cross Blue Shield Association received a Bliss score of 3.9. They have an average salary of $47,726 and a CEO approval rating of 82%. Pfizer employees have an average salary of $81,821, a CEO approval rating of 90% and a Bliss score of 4.00. Chase has a Bliss score of 4.02 and CEO approval rating of 85%. The Vanguard Group has a CEO approval rating of 91%, an average salary of $46,009, and a Bliss score of 4.06. There are so many great places to be employed in the U.S. Consider contacting USAFIS for immigration information. They are trained to help you every step of the way.

CIGNA has a Bliss score of 4.22 and the average salary of $78,171. The CEO approval rating is 92%. TruGreen, a lawn care company, has a Bliss score of 4.23 and an average salary of $33,000. USAFIS assists clients from around the world in preparing and submitting all applications successfully. Contact them today