Mississippi Is the Least Expensive State to Live in the USA

In 2016, the average income in Mississippi was just over $35,500, but things are also 86.4 percent cheaper there than the United States average. These statistics show the actual purchasing power in the state is $41,115. Hawaii employers average an income of $50,358 per year, but only have $42,676 in real purchasing power. Goods and services are 18.4 percent more expensive in Hawaii than the national average. USAFIS has one mission. They want to help people who are applying for the Green Card Lottery. Many applications are rejected due to errors. The team of experts will walk you through the steps and make sure everything is filled out correctly.

Coastal states in America tend to be more expensive to live in and have higher regional price parities. Rent is taken into account for the national average. Although employees in the Southern states make less, their money goes further. Alabama workers have a per capita income of $38,918, but a purchasing power of $44,939.95. Where you chose to live in the U.S. will determine how far your money will take you. Contact USAFIS for any questions about immigration to the U.S.