New Report Ranks US Cities with the Biggest Typical Home Sizes 

Newly-built homes in the United States are larger than the average home, which is 37 years old. LendingTree published a new report showing where the largest homes in America are located. The southern U.S. took the lead in the report with Texas ranking number one and two other states making the top ten. The median home size in Houston is 1,952 square feet and the average value is $196,000. If you and your family are considering immigration to the United States, contact USAFIS. Their professional team of experts will help you apply for the Green Card Lottery, so you can begin the path to your future. 

San Diego, California, is the only place on the west coast in the top fifteen states ranked. The cost per square foot is $345 and the median home size is 1,744 square feet. Nashville, Tennessee, homes average 1,731 square feet and cost on average $236,000. USAFIS will walk you through the steps of immigration. Contact them today!