These Are the Top 10 Jobs in the USA

Do you think it’s impossible to find the perfect job – one that pays well and you enjoy? There’s good news in store for you. Glassdoor recently released their annual report on the 50 Best Jobs in the United States.

Careers are broken down by three factors that include job satisfaction rating, earning potential, and the number of jobs that are available. USAFIS is a private immigration service that helps foreign nationals who want to move to the United States.

  • The Top 10 Jobs (1)Data Scientist – This job ranks #1 with 4,184 openings, and a median base pay of $110,000.
  • DevOps Engineer – This position is #2 with 2,725 job openings, and a median base pay of $110,000.
  • Data Engineer – There are 2,599 openings for this position. The median base pay is $106,000.
  • Tax Manager – This job ranks #4 and Glassdoor had 3,317 job openings for this position with a median base pay of $110,000.
  • Analytics Manager – Coming in at #5 is an analytics manager position with 1,958 openings and an annual base pay of $112,000. USAFIS can help you with your application for your U.S. Green Card Lottery!
  • HR Manager – This position had 4,339 job openings on Glassdoor and a base pay of $85,000.
  • Database Administrator – In January 2017, Glassdoor had 2,877 job openings for a database administrator, which brings in a base pay of $93,000.
  • Strategy Manager – Coming in at 8th place is a strategy manager with 1,184 job openings, and a median base salary of $130,000.
  • UX Designer – In 9th place is a UX director with 1,691 job openings in January 2017, and a median base pay of $92,500.
  • Solutions Architect – Coming in at the tenth spot is a solutions architect position with 2,323 job openings on Glassdoor in January 2017 and annual pay of $125,000.

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